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Algunos de los que podemos recomendarte son: Para viajar a Inglaterra la mayoría de los latinos deben solicitar una visa bien sea de turismo, estudio o trabajo, depende del motivo de tu viaje. Clase de cabina y viajeros 1 adulto, Económica. Buscar vuelos. Vuelos baratos a Inglaterra. Tips de viaje Clima: The flight was rescheduled within 18 hours of departure. We were in Spain on vacation which meant attempting to figure out how to get home with Iberia at the Madrid airport, who helped but was super agitated with us the entire time.

When we asked for advice on how to proceed, as this has never happened to us before, they just kept telling us it was British Airways fault and that they had no answers for us.

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This took about two hours plus an additional hour back at the hotel to cancel our reservations in London and figure out how we were going to get reimbursed for the extra night at the hotel and additional costs. It would've been nice to get all of this information in an email, with the new ticket and instructions on how to claim the extra costs instead of us running around and taking time out of our vacation. Nice crew, comfy plane, quick flight. Allowed us to board past time due to long waits in security.

Crew a but obsessive with seatbelts. Flight was delayed due to technical issues… issues that were detected with all passengers and luggage onboard! We were stuck 3 hours on a hot plane with no air conditioning for "technical problems" and they gave us no information as to what was going on.

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They also charged us for water and let two people off the plane. Very terrible experience I am extremely disappointed to say the least. Took to long to board.

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Even though you pick the seats with extra leg room it does not make a difference. You are cramped. Stood outside for a good minutes in 40 degree weather because they decided to open the door but would not let anyone in the plane yet. They should of let us stay in line inside then try to board and be in the cold.

Vuelo con retraso en salida pero llego puntual, sin agobios x parte de azafatas a la hora de vender nada. Lentitud y muuucha desorganizacion en el embarque. Tripulación muy amable y vuelo en hora. Sin molestias ni tonterías como en Ryanair o similares. The flight was delayed 30 minutes, for no apparent reason; and therefore the connecting time at Madrid for me to get my flight to Chicago, which would have been 60 minutes if the flight was on time, was cut down to 30 minutes.

And the terminal where the connection was was 25 minutes away -- and this doesn't include time for immigration at Madrid. I had to run all the way, break the queue, and made it though they had shut the gate and had to re-open it. The connections are poorly timed. When you book through an airline it will flag a different airport from the one you arrive at. When I called customer service Iberia Airlines rejected any refund and I ended up spending three extra hotels nights and Flights on Air Europa. Huge delay of 9.

The crew is doing its best job given the cards they gave been given to play with! Ground crew did not do a good job with the boarding process and even with speedy boarding it did not work well. Once on the flight, I asked a young female attendant to help me put my heavy suitcase in the overhead bin and was surprised when she declined I'm It was a 6am flight on Monday morning and the crew did not stop using the speaker for stupid and things.

Trying to sell all type of good and perfumes. Please a bit of respect for passengers, Its very intrusive. As always with easyJet, you get what you pay for: Not a big deal, but someone explaining which queue to those at the back would have been helpful. Having chosen a seat in the emergency exit row, was told that I couldn't use my jacket to cover myself while I slept; I either had to wear it or store it in the overhead locker.

I understand that this row needs to be kept clear in case of emergency as the name indeed suggests , but I don't see much difference between wearing the coat and using it to cover myself. Worse than that though was the way the stewardess communicated this to me with a cold stare. I'm waiting for the day I can write a positive review of a Ryanair flight. Boarding, it was very chaotic.

They had people paying for baggage fees at the gate and the credit card machines were not working. Cabin crew are not very warming or hospitable feel like they are just doing their job rather than offering customer service which should be high on any airlines priorities when people are 33 ft away from comfort. Flight delayed. Missed my national express coach boarding time. The staff completely skipped over me when offering drinks and snacks. They offered the other two people in my row food but not me.

I literally had my credit out and they just skipped me. The people at the check in desk didn't have any sort of protection for my bag. Big camping backpack with lots of straps but the people in CGN did. I don't understand the inconsistencies. And then to top it off nobody informed me the process of customs.

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I was unprepared because of this and ended up waiting for 1. Completely unprofessional in all aspects. I will not be flying Ryanair again. Despegamos tarde de Madrid. Los asientos no son nada cómodos. Very friendly and bearing in mind the bad weather conditions in stansted the pilot made the flight very smooth. The line to check in baggage was an hour long.

They were very understaffed. El sistema de asignación aleatoria se asientos Vale q no se pueda elegir asientos, pero tampoco hace falta dispersar a las personas que cogen el billete juntas como era en nuestro caso.

Incomodidad generada por no estacionar avion en finger por lo que genera uso jardineras. Great crew. Left a bit late but the captain made up the time and we arrived a few minutes early.

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Check-in was the worst experience I have had in 45 years of air travel. The desk attendant was rude and confrontational. He was beyond rude! Boarding was smooth and a far better experience than EasyJet's competitors. The seats could have been more comfortable. Lots of people were separated from their party because they refused to pay to book their seats. One man had two small children and his wife was seated in the rear section. Some common sense when organising seat allocation please!! Consejos para preparar la maleta perfecta estas navidades.

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